Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blocking Giraffe silhouette with Clip Curve brush in ZBrush


I found the clip curve brush extremely helpful in blocking silhouette and rough shape of animal for sculpting.   Some advantages of using clip curve brush in blocking in addition to other tools like (move, clay buildup brush):
--can get very clear silhouette cuts of model
--can change from a sphere to a more useful shape very quickly
--model looks like it is in a blocking stage because the cuts are very evident (has a sort of cartoony effect too)

To use clip curve select it from brushes, first press "ctrl", then with ctrl still held down press shift.  Now with both buttons held down click somewhere on screen once.  Then drag mouse and make a single click again.  When let go should see a cut made.  If the cut wasnt in direction wanted, press undo and repeat the same steps but this time also press down alt just before letting go. (there are additional options to explore later like masking area don't want to clip, or making sharper cuts,  adding holding of space bar to move where want to cut etc)

Hope you find these images i made helpful.
i first started with a sphere.

(here i use the mask pen with drag dot technique i go over in an earlier post to add appendages)

here i found it helpful to use damian standard brush as a way of telling where clay build up should add or remove clay.

For a side note:
Today i'm trying out something fun for character td training.  In the mornings i'm trying out blocking out the rough form of one or more animals (today i tried a Giraffe taking about 45minutes).

I'm finding it a little easier to think of blocking separate from details so can feel like sort of done with one step before moving to more detail oriented model sculpt. (i'm still working on a workflow that allows additions of details seamlessly while modeling,  and a workflow that takes animation topology into account)