Sunday, May 25, 2014

Some uses of mask pen drag dots in ZBrush


I was trying to add some fingers to a mesh i was sculpting in ZBrush but i wanted a way to easily do it without any additional subtools (example zspheres, or inserted meshes)  so i tried out a quick simple way using  the mask pen with drag dots option.

Here's a brief outline of some steps i used
-- flatten/clay buildup brush    (create a flat surface for fingers)
-- mask pen with drag dots  (make finger starting points) ctrl+alt+click on model to get sharper edges
-- inflate brush (start up fingers)
-- move tool (extrude fingers)
-- dynamesh/decimation master cleanup

Here are some images of the process:

here using the inflate brush to start up the fingers
 here used the move tool to extrude out fingers
 after dynameshing i decimated the mesh (i think the dynamesh is need first to rebuild the extruded finger areas)
 and here is a rough starting point for hand using the move tool and inflate brush to add volume

Hope this is helpful