Friday, July 25, 2014

Adding Technical 3D hints to a 2D concept sketch


Here are some images of the process i drew for this doodle. My goal was to translate an original 2D concept for a dog face design into a more 3D usable form. Basically i had sketched out a concept head for a dog in front view only with nice fun colors, now i wanted to try to get a little more technical with the concept by hinting at how it would work in 3D.

Hope you you find this helpful

art tips
-- using large brush to block in large shapes.
i found it easier to draw multiple larger shapes similar in proportion to one another than it was to draw multiple tiny details similar to each other in proportion.

--changing grey scale color of big brush to help differentiate major planes.

-- concentrating just on large shape and plane to start, then big brush eyeballs/nose/brows, then smaller brush brows, then eyeballs, then nose and mouth. I found separating the general overall shape and plane workflow with large brush from the smaller brush workflows allowed me to focus on one stage at a time. I found this process to be very fun.

technical tips
--using photoshop navigator
--using eyedropper tool to sample tone so can continue to edit previous layers with same color

organization tips
-- putting in folder all layers dealing with current process