Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some intro technical tips coloring from ZBrush to Maya


I basically had never tried getting color from ZBrush to Maya and today i was trying to learn about some technical stuff on coloring a mesh i sculpted. Eventually i want to get good enough at this to make blendshape textures for realistic face rigging.

Here are some rough tests, basically my goal was to just see how to get a mesh with polypaint in ZBrush into Maya along with a quick normal map for a little depth.

to make this involved some knowledge of UV master, how to control uv seams ... I used polypaint and grey scale to make the very rough painting work just for test purposes.
to make this involved knowing a little about r,g,b and tangent space normals, and uv multi export ZBrush plugin

in making this involved knowing a little about making nodes and hooking up attributes on Maya (hypershade,connection editor).  here im showing how i add a normal image to a model in Maya.  i needed to make a file, bump, and lambert node (used the hyperhshade). then i added the file.  can see in the bottom figure what attributes i hooked up for this.

Inspired by,
Jason Osipa's Stop Starring (Chapter 9, Brow and Eye Keys)
Josh Robinson's online tutorial video UV'ing in ZBrush (joshrobinson3d dot blogspot dot com)
Duylinh Nguyen's online tutorial on Export Normal Maps from ZBrush (dnguyenart dot
Tiago Rio's online ZBrushcentral tutorial break down on UV'ing  (tiagorios3d)
Matthew Tan's online tutorial on combining Normal Maps and Bump Maps (matthewtan85 dot wordpress dot com)