Monday, July 28, 2014

Some technical tips preparing 2D concept for 3D modeling


This is an original concept i made for a short film.  Here i'm working on getting the concept to better work for modeling.



I'm primarily using Photoshop's lasso tool with move and brush to try to better adjust the line drawing.  I'm also using the ruler tool and guides to help line things up

some of the tasks involved in this (30-45minute project)

--base of feet lining up across 3/4, side, front
--top of head lining up
---waist lining up
---chest lining up
---under jaw lining up
---merging line drawings into one layer
---begin to block in hints at planes for 3D using grey scale tone

As can see the perpective nose not quite lined up would still need some tweaking.

Reason this is helpful is during modeling, example ZBrush can match proportions more closely to the design.


Inspired by,
Michael Defeo (michaeldefeo dot com) (i first learned about using 2D grids in ZBrush from watching  his online tutorial videos)

 (Tip: ZBrush can be a great tool to get multiple views of a concept 3D design quickly.  The zapplink character sheet can create views automatically and quickly.  These can then be used as a starting point for more design development)