Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Drawing practice to create appealing shapes


Today i was drawing from life and focusing on tone, line, design, gesture, contour and proportion (what these mean i'm not sure they are just names im giving to different styles of drawing that help me draw more relaxed).  Basically i was trying to draw in as relaxed a state as i could using tone for example to help guide line and using line to help guide design and vice versa.  I'm finding that even quick small gesture doodles help to later begin exploring design

Now i'm starting to transfer this knowledge form drawing from life into creating appealing facial shapes for rigging.  I'm finding it helpful to practice drawing appealing shapes in 2D.

Here are a couple sketches i made today.  I first drew on paper where i like to use the side of the pencil alot to draw more freely.  Then i made a couple sketches digitally (using paper on tablet, and using hue saturation to color page (make it more fun to draw on etc) was fun.  (i think digitally i'll try to create a hotkey for tone and pressure to try to mimic the usage of tone for real life sketching)

Hope you find this helpful.

Inspired by
Ellen Su (ellensu dot tv) Her appealing facial expressions of dogs was inspirational.