Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Simple Cartoon Squash Deformer in Maya Api -- Part II


Worked a little bit more on the squashy simple deformer.

Basically i just renamed the node and am beginning to try to get symmetric moving of cvs in y.
Here it moves cvs above center up by some proportion of total distance and for cvs below center does the opposite.



snippet from compute of .cpp file (line 85,86) does meat of algorithm.
I'm showing a screenshot because it has code formatting and really it is just the compute in the node's .cpp file that i tweak here, see previous posts on topic for more info on files i wrote for this simple deformer.
(Tip is to write commandline function to transfer code into where can build, and/or transfer built plugin to where maya can find them, this speeds things up a little)

Hope this is helpful.