Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sculpt Dog Sketch ZBrush


Here's an update on the sketch. After i blocked in forms i liked to go back to lower resolution using decimation master and using symmetry off sketch with realistic reference available. 
Then i did a quick poly paint, for the fur painting i made a new layer (ZBrush plugins > blendshape > new layer)  this way i could undo if i wanted to.

Hope you enjoy.


----//Blocking in forms from design
This is an original design (please see my previous post Using ZBrush as Character Design Turn around tool).

main ZBrush tools im using here

clip curve -- allows to make appealing cuts that follow design

select lasso tool -- allows to isolate visibility to selected area

insert sphere tool -- allows to work on different elements before later combining (dynameshing)

other things--

split masked selection -- allows to organize work by separating out element to work on

smooth brush, dynameshing, zremeshing -- allow to do some technical stuff making virtual clay smoother,more dense, better edgeflow.

its very helpful having short cut keys to move between tools.

it is very very helpful working from a measured front and side view.  Also ZBrush allows to save out front and side views, as well as character sheet which make things easier.

drawing practice seems to be helping with sculpting form to more accurately follow a design.

Here is the current work in progress.

Hope this was helpful,


Inspired by Michael Defeo (michaeldefeo dot com)
Inspired by Damon Bard (bardsculpturestudio dot com)