Thursday, September 18, 2014



I found it fun working with decimation master reduction on mesh.  This allowed to freely sketch this figure.  Also i built upon a previous model i made allowing to have fun trying to match a different style of dog.  Having photo real reference was really helpful for changing proportion of snout as well as giving a guide for the beginning poly painting.

Hope you like.

Briefly for the polypainting just need to use like standard brush and deactivate add, and activate mrgb.  Then i used a skinshader to fill the object (for the eyes i used a more reflective surface).  Then it was fun with symmetry off sketching out some colors.  I loved this process of freely sketching as opposed to my previous post where i was trying to match exactly a design, i think finding a balance between the two would be great as i think being in ZBrush and sketching a character design was really fun. (for the whiskers i used curve tube snap brush)