Friday, September 19, 2014

Simple Cartoon Squash Deformer in Maya Api -- Part IIb


I made a little progress on the simple cartoon squash deformer.  So far it likes when nurbs is created so that it middle area has clean horizontal spans with the poles not at the centers.

This time around i added some gradual behavior of the squashing in vertical direction.

I'll post some of my thought process to getting to the result.  But basically i wanted cvs near the center to not move during squashing as much as cvs far away from center.

Here's some of my thought process:

Here are some of the results including the code snippet to updating the compute of the node's cpp file.

before (trying out to see if would squash when rotated):

after (cool it looks like it does):
This is still in a work in progress, for example in line 85, i think i will think about allowing user to change that .25 number to say something in range .125 to .45 indicating what proportion of the nurbs height is allowed to be squashed.  Also it would be nice to think about editing code so the stretch starts to make sense and again allow user to communicate with deformer whether want squash or stretch and by how much.  Finally i think it would be nice to allow user to add some non vertical squashing and stretching.

Hope you find this helpful.

(tip: it was helpful to actually have maya open when trying to figure out some math stuff, basically i liked being able to talk out the challenge while seeing what it is i'm working with)