Thursday, November 20, 2014

Beginner Ncloth tip


Just a small tip in ncloth in Maya.  If seeing penetrations between clothing one idea is to not jump directly into tweaking properties of ncloth but instead doing a couple simple things:

-- make sure animation in arms dont get incredibly close to the sides of the body.
this was very helpful later in the ncloth, and i found it helped to prevent a kindof cloth snagging to hips effect.

-- make sure the skinning of the driving mesh is okay enough that don't see too much skin bunching.
this was helpful later with the ncloth because it probably will be using the skinned mesh in some form to figure out collisions
-- make sure the animation that will drive the cloth slowly begins into the motion.
I found this helped greatly the ncloth to find a cool starting place

-- make sure the cloth geometry isnt modeled with collisions with the driving mesh.
By doing these small fixes now i found it helped the ncloth later with preventing self collisions

Hope you find this helpful,