Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tip project management


I'm starting to find it very very helpful even for older personal projects i was working on to try to write out in text form a short plan.  I like to even treat this document like it was a peace of scripting code, like say a modeling fix can be considered like a bug fix.

Today i continued working on a project i had started almost a year ago and worked on two times during the last year.

So basically i'm finding it helpful to try to work with older personal projects with a plan, than to just try to begin a whole bunch of unfinished personal projects.

On the side a small ZBrush tip for 3d modeling hair weaves is to use layers for the weave details.  I put a general weave detail in one layer, then duplicated the subtool, added more divisions, then added some finer weave details in a different layer.  I used the regular standard brush for the larger weave detail.  I changed the alpha and varied the intensity (allow bigger or smaller details) to make some of the smaller details.

Hope you find this helpful.


Inspired by,
Todd Henry's Accidental Creative book ( www dot accidentalcreative dot com )
Jason Schleifer (jasonschleifer dot com)  i learned about the Todd Henry book from reading his blog
Michael Comet (www dot comet-cartoons dot com) i'm inspired by his tools work