Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gesture Sketch Fun


 these were some of the warm ups

some of my gesture sketch workflow of dogs from imagination:
  • i just noted start time of sketching
  • then just drew, when needed new page grouped and hid.
  • after a couple pages when i liked how a gesture was going i called it 'liking it' and did some more doodling. 
  • This workflow allowed me to have a spontaneity by sketching on lots of pages in Photoshop, while allowing me to go back to a doodle to add a little more to it.
  • In total 10minutes gesturing.
Hope you find this helpful.

Happy sketching!

Inspired by:
Normand Lemay (normandlemay dot blogspot dot com)
Matt Jones (mattjonezanimation dot blogspot dot com)