Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tip Quadruped cartoony topology in ZBrush


I was working on a project to create deformations for a quadruped and i ran into a situation where it wasn't too easy drawing zremesher guides when the Dog was is in a standing position.  So the tip here is to rotate the arms and legs outwards like the dog was flying.  This helps to draw the zremesher guides a little easier.

Here are some of the rough topology images i created: (original character,design,model)
 here the main areas i wanted to work out were loops for the shoulders and hips.  Why loops there? Because these areas are going to need to rotate in lots of directions and loops help with the skin painting and deformation.
 after getting the loops i then used the lasso mask tool (with soft falloff) and rotate tools to pose the ears and legs back to the standing position.
 there are still way too many edges for painting weights but this gives a decent start to work out some better topology in a different tool like Maya.  For example i would go in here and remove every other edge and continue this pattern as long as silhouette still maintained.


Inspired by
Brian Tindall (hippydrome dot com)
Sergi Caballer (sergicaballer dot com)
(check out their amazing discussions on topology)