Thursday, September 24, 2015

sketches for tiger face rig jaw open and smile


Today i was doing some personal work on jaw open sculpt.  Character design by the talented Alan Stewart (artofalan dot com).  I made the ZBrush/Maya face sculpt and i'm working on the face shapes.

I'm still a beginner a facial sculpting quadrupeds/creatures for animation but here are some planning drawings i'm creating to help me move along the blendshape sculpting process.

I made this type of drawing to help plan out blendshapes for open and lip corners up and dn.
For example here i'm trying to work out the insides of the mouth by working on a jaw open shape. ZBrush was very helpful for getting to this pose.  I used move topology brush to fix inner lips and rotate tool to help get the jaw open.

i made this drawing ontop of current sculpt to try to improve anatomy (I was really inspired by Aaron Blaise's discussion on importance of anatomy in expressions).  It was very helpful to bring this drawing eventhough its quite rough into ZBrush to be used as guide for improving anatomy of the sculpted mesh.

i make these kinds of notes for helping plan out spans (for example to get inner brow curling and forehead wrinkling would probably need more spans.

Hope you find this helpful,

Happy Sketching!

Inspired by Aaron Blaise (creatureartteacher dot com)
Inspired by Alan Stewart (artofalan dot com)