Monday, September 21, 2015

study tip for facial rigging


I was trying to learn more about facial rigging and came across this method that might be helpful for you.  If you have quicktime or some other screen recording software, can download an awesome rig from creativecrash then open it up and record the screen with yourself playing with the facial rig/breaking stuff etc (dont save of course).  This way you can later play the video to any frame and see the shapes used (example show the blendshape editor) or see the skinning (can select mesh and use Comet's select skin influence tool to see the joints used to skin the mesh).  Also can do reveal selected in Outliner to see hierarchy setup etc.  You can show ik solvers to see how ik chains were used to achieve various effects moving controls directly.  (Note it may be helpful to learn more about lockNode -off settings in case some things dont let you show visibility because they are locked)

Another tip is to search 11-second club forums for "animating brows", "animating lip sync", "animating quadruped" etc to get lots of amazing information to learn more rigging from.

Hope you find this helpful.

Happy Rigging!

Inspired by Michael Navarro (mikeanavarro dot com) I first learned about importance of studying rigs to learn
Inspired by Michael Comet (comet-cartoons dot com)