Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sketching Face Topology II


Here i'm working on improving the face topology and improving on the face appeal to better match Alan Stewart's original character design.

Here i'm experimenting with using Zbrush to retpologize areas of face then later try to join those areas back with model.  Also i'm trying out quick like 20minute speed retopology sessions where more topology is needed after session but it allows to get a rough overall blocking of topology to help create future notes.  For example i tried speed beginning cleanup of eye lid area, ears and tiger ear flap.

Here's an example of a workflow using Zbrush to help improve topology on areas.  This was the mesh i exported from maya (to make it i duplicated the model i was working on removed all faces but these ones, then ran mesh > cleanup to resolve more than 4 sided faces so Zbrush could import the model.. basically it added more triangles in some places)
 i used ZBrush zremesher guide brush to help improve the topology experimenting with using adaptive size and half of the zremesher tool.
 i brought the piece into maya and am beginning to attach this new piece to the existing rough model

There's still alot of work needed to make this mesh face riggable, but hope some of these tips are helpful.

Happy Sketching, Animating, Scripting!

Inspired by Alan Stewart (artofalan dot com)