Thursday, August 10, 2017

developing a piano song production workflow


In composing this i first started composing a chord sequence as shown here:

-- blocking chords

blocking in chords

On the first pass of making the chords I was playing freely not thinking too much on the tempo.
Then from there i repeated the chord sequence a few times to get familiar with it. 
By repeating the chord 3 times in digital audio workstation (i'm using Cubase) I could identify tempo issues and could fix them by ear.

-- improvising with right hand and left hand playing together
Then I began to add right hand to it.  When I got comfortable enough I played both the chord and the right hand together, improvising.

-- section trimming
After this pass i identified a few areas in the freestyle playing that could be trimmed out. (for example an area that was going off tangent to how the song was beginning)

-- ending
After hearing it a few times i thought the end ended a little too abruptly so i used a portion of the song earlier and ended with that.
Here is the current result of this workflow:

Happy Sketching!