Wednesday, August 9, 2017

zbrush hotkeys


I wanted to share with you some of the hotkeys i'm using with zbrush.
The major ones i use are the brush hotkeys going between (insert mesh, clay buildup, hpolish, trim dynamic).  Also the smooth hotkey and changing the brush size and intensity are very helpful.

Hope you find them helpful.

hotkeys (to assign a hot key -- ctrl+alt  then click on ui element, then type key want to use)

tab                    toggle simplify ui by hiding left menu
command click off model         mask visible
ctrlt+shift     show selected polygroup (press ctrlt+shift to  invert visible)
ctrl+shft+movetool click    duplicate masked onto same subtool
p     toggle ortho/persp
shift+p    toggle floor showing axis
n show all subtools
u     intensity
o     focal length
s     size brush
shift    smooth
shift     snap ortho view
b     enter brush mode
alt     pan
ctrl     mask,  click invert mask,  click off remove mask
ctrl+alt+click on mesh        sharpen mask
ctrl+click on mesh             blur mask
hold shift last circle move     scale
q     exit move mode
r rotate
mesh insert brush        (use modifier to change inserted subtool,  to merge a mesh while keeping topology put polygroup and show area then insert, ctrl click a way smooth join area (see ears swift)  )
b,t,d,r  between smoothing and hpolish (nice way starting to clean up)
b,c,b    clay build u
b,h    hpolish   (hard surface brush)
b,f,a     brush flatten
b,i,n    inflate
b,m,v  move tool
b,m,l    lasso mask tool,  b,m,p  mask pen
b,d,a    damian standard
b,i,w    insert sphere
b,t,m      trim rectangle (useful for splitting a shape into two)
b,c,c     clip curve  (ctrl+shift + click)
b,z,r    zremesher guide brush
cmd+shift+x (xray all others)
cmd+shift+i (toggle iso view)
solo visibilte subtool c
ctrl+w         make selected a new polygroup

(on a side note i was sculpting inner lip area of smile and was finding it really helpful using insertmesh to insert a sphere. then i could reposition/scale/move the sphere using front and side views and then form the innerlip smile shape then i could dynamesh.  it was kindof like a way of blocking in forms without needing to actually zoom inside of the mouth)

Also check out Dylan Ekren's work for some great tips on modeling.

Happy Sketching!