Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rigging and Topology: arm lift chest stretching


Today i found it helpful to
-- organize deformation and anatomy reference into cartoony or realistic and generally what area of body it covers... now i've also got a separate area to quickly reference skeleton anatomy... Searching for "bodies in motion" especially Alvin Ailey was very helpful to find cool rigging anatomy reference.

-- also i'm trying to learn a nice workflow to layer multiple corrective shapes based on a way of modeling each blendshape separately.  basically just pose the skeleton then activate the blendshape full on to see how it should be at that rotation/attribute value ... then finally figure out a way that will work with lattice blendshapes.  Basically it should be able to quickly make the corrective shapes needed and quickly be able to use maybe driven keys to turn the layering of correctives on.

Here i show a few images i made to try to get a chest stretching effect. (Model created by myself)
Basically i try to get the lower arm to move together (no deformations ... so chose a lattice over rigid bind because there were lots of geo pieces.. now that i think of i could have just grouped the geo pieces).. i did the same for the upper arm bit (it was helpful to have a script that can create a locator at selected vertex, and a script that can move all selected but last to last things pivot.. this way i could group the low arm lattice and have it rotate from elbow area).
Then i try to get the chest to stretch a bit. (used lattice blendshapes because could sculpt on squarish shape easier than the muscles shape, also i could use falloff tools like soft mod to make effect quickly)

here i needed to go back and re-sculpt the chest blendshape to better match the arm's extreme position.
 here i record the attribute (here its the up arm z rotation)

Hope this was helpful.


Inspired by,
Eliot Goldfinger's Human Anatomy for Artists
Aaron Walsman (aaronwalsman dot com)