Monday, February 3, 2014

Zbrush Tip Clip Brush with Insert Primitive (Rigging and Topology)


In today's rigging and topology session I spent one 15minute session bringing in a reference photo to begin inspiration for the sculpt.  Then in the next 15minute and 1 hour sessions i began trying to tweak a beginning base sculpt I made to have some resemblance to the reference photo.

During this process I found it helpful for the Eye lid area, and Upper lip area to insert a sphere brush to existing head dynamesh.  Then with the inserted sphere still masked used a clip brush to get straight edges I wanted for eye lid, then before dynameshing I used the subtool master mirror to make an opposite side copy.  The result was an okay looking cartoony type eye lid.  (I used similar technique with upper lip) Final note i found it helpful to keep detail of a more low poly base mesh after dynameshing by increasing the resolution (example 128 wasn't working too well so i increased to 512...)

Hope this is helpful.

Modeled in Zbrush by
Nathaniel Anozie

Inspired by Michael Defeo (michaeldefeo dot com)