Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tip: Zbrush viewing one mesh and appending Zsphere to a subtool

Happy Saturday,

Today i was trying to make modifications on a neck area of an original character i was modeling in Zbrush but his chest area was in the way of the neck.  So I found today that by first highlighting the head (it should show up as a black line surrounding its box in the subtool menu) and then clicking on the eyeball.  Now we can just see the head.  When we want to see everything else back on simply click the eyeball a second time.

Also its possible to show specific other meshes when we are just seeing the head. For example to see just the head and eyeballs.  First do as earlier mentioned select the head then click on the eyeball.  Then (do not select the eye's subtool ) just click on the eyeball next to the eye mesh.  Now we can see just the head and the eye.

Here are a couple pictures I made.

Also today i was trying to make a chain in Zbrush.  I wanted to use the ability to position each joint in the chain so I used Zsphere but at first i didnt know how to combine the zsphere with all the parts of the mesh i'm sculpting.

So, first i noticed that by clicking on any different subtool (not with all our meshes) but the ones that show up by the simple brush, the screen changes to just that subtool.  So i was confused how to actually use this new zsphere i just made with the Mesh I was sculpting also I had no clue how to align the chain with the shirt because i couldn't see it.

So the trick is to first click on our main mesh (the one with all the body parts) and we should see our character.  Then click on append then find the Zsphere we just created and click it.  Voila now we should see our zsphere chain along with our mesh parts.

(On a side i wanted to mirror one side of the chain to the other.. so first i roughly posed one half of zspheres, then when i was done i  clicked zsphere, clicked the make adaptive skin button.  Then i clicked the mesh for chain just created and clicke make polymesh 3D.  Then i just appended this new subtool to our main character.  Finally with the half chain mesh selected i went to subtool master and chose mirror.  And done we have a basic chain.

Here are some images I made of the process:
append is under subtool menu
 to preview spheres (a -- hotkey gives us mesh preview)
 clicking on append tool we can find tool we want to add to all our current ones

Hope this is helpful,